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Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 08:08 pm
moonwind_rising: Graphics, anyone? :D

It has been suggested that instead of just having icons, we could have a sign-up category for other sorts of graphics - you know, wallpapers, manips, collages and the like. And well, it sounded both fun and right in some strange, indefinable way.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but only a bit, and really - the idea of including manips for this particular challenge seemed all sorts of appropriate; and who doesn't like pretty wallpapers and collages? I mean - shiny pictures! Yay!

So would anyone be interested in signing up for this? Even if you've already signed up before, just let us know if you'd be interested in doing this as well as / instead of making icons or fic-writing. The comments have been screened to protect your anonymity :D.

The sign-up format is basically the same as for the main post -

Type of graphic I'd be willing to do: (wallpaper, manip, collage, friends-only banner, etc.)

Graphics I would like to make: (characters/pairings/scenes/etc. - list as many as possible to give us an idea.)

Graphics I would like to receive: (characters/pairings/scenes/etc.)

Additional notes: (color, text, or if there's anything you really wouldn't like to make or receive.)

Also! Important - has everybody let us know what their email addresses are? We *need* to know this so we can contact you with your assignment, so please send it to us via comment on this post if you haven't done so already.

Moment of Squee: So far, we have had *35* people sign up for PulseFic! *capers about in joy*

Fri, Feb. 18th, 2005, 11:07 am
moonwind_rising: META REQUEST

Rare pairings. Brilliant, lovely, beautiful, yes? You probably agree, as otherwise you wouldn't have friended this community or signed up for the ficathon - and while I'm sort of on the subject, can I just say something along the lines of "OMG SQUEE WOW!"? Because, yes. sweetestdrain and I are totally blown away by how many of you were interested. In fact, we are currently in Oz (the "Wizard Of" version, that is) looking for antique pairs of emerald spectacles, that is how far we were blown. Which sounds ... vaguely dirty, but as I was saying!

Rare pairings are brilliant, lovely and beautiful, but sometimes there's a reason they're rare. In QaF fandom, I would say it's mostly because of the battle between the superpowers (a.k.a B/J Fandom and B/M Fandom) but cue_the_pulse is trying to stay apolitical, so I'm going to keep that out of this.

The thing is, it's often harder to get a "feel" for rare pairings than the common ones. This is partly because of the drought of existing rare pairing fic or vids in fandom, but it's also because some of the characters that make up the pairings just don't get as much screentime as the others. All this can sorta combine to discourage people from doing things with, um, Pulse-type pairings.

This? Is not very yay. Especially as it may stop people signing up for the PulseFicathon. O:-)

So yeah, this post is a request for Pulse-type Meta :D. Do you have a post somewhere where you squeed over the merits of Brian/Emmett, or went into detail analysing Cody's motivations? Have you come across such posts as you randomly clicked about the Internet? Link them to us!

Or, hey, write them now! :D. Tell us why you love Melanie/Brian! Give us the reasons Justin/Ted makes you feel all bright and tingly! Write meta-ish poems about your love for Cynthia or Molly! Make everybody else feel the love, too. It can only work out well for you, as it could dramatically increase your odds of somebody finally writing that fic you'd always been dying to read, or vid you've wanted to watch, or graphic you've wanted to see.

This is a Big Thing that will live on after the ficathon is gone, you see, and it'll help guarantee Pulse-type fic and vids for years to come.

Our fandom's future is in your hands.

To start us off - here is a post by sweetestdrain about Justin, Cody and Pink Posse-ness set circa ep 404. And here is the post I made about Justin/Cody, Brian/Emmett, Michael/Ted and Ted/Brian, in a very subtle attempt to pimp Pulsefic. :)

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 11:05 pm
sweetestdrain: Introduction to Pulsefic - the best (well, only) Queer as Folk Rare Pairings Ficathon in the world.

Yes. The Queer as Folk Rare Pairings Ficathon, (Pulsefic to its friends).

"Wait a minute," you may say. "Queer as Folk rare pairings? Huh? Who? Wha? Why?"


There are many, many reasons why. Here are a few of them:

Perhaps you're a Brian/Justin shipper with a soft spot for Emmett and Brian (after all, they're both tall). Or a Brian/Michael shipper whose guilty pleasure is Ted/Blake (oh the angst!).

Perhaps you'd rather bypass the popular fanfic pairings altogether - Michael/Ben is the only way to go. They're cute together! And they have a Hunter!

Perhaps you just can't get the memory of Ted's shrine to Michael out of your head. Obsession is hot, y'know.

Perhaps you yearn for the eccentric, hoping for the day when you'll stumble across the best written Ethan/Cody fic in existence. Imagine it. No, really, imagine it!

Maybe you just want to see the excited reactions from your friends when you tell them about that brilliant Brian/Justin/Leda+strap-on fic you read the other day.

Maybe-- yeah. Okay. We'll stop there, but do you see now? This challenge has been conceived for many reasons. We need more rare pairings in the Queer as Folk fandom.The romantic underdogs, like Ted and Emmett, deserve their time in the spotlight. And what about Lindsay and Melanie? The lesbians need love too!

There's also the fact that unconventional, non-canon pairings add zing and spice to our fandom-ish cauldron. They allow people to branch out into possibilities that would never be considered by the show. And last, but assuredly not least, we like Secret Santa type things. They tend to be really cool, and as with the hopefully-not-rare case of snowinandblowin, they can be gigantic, thrilling successes. So why wait a whole year to have another when we could be frolicking in fic now? (Or, well, in a month or so :D)

If you have ever wanted to write something a bit more unconventional for the QAF fandom, come sign up! If you really want to see a particular rare pairing treated with justice, and would be willing to write something in return, please come sign up! If writing fic isn't your thing, but you're willing to contribute icons, that would also be brilliant - anyone can request specific icons, as well as fic.

If you're a vidder and want to try your hand at some characters and pairings, please email us - you could make pretty much anything and we'd be happy.

Sign-up begins on Valentine's Day (Feb 14th), and lasts until Feb 25th. We will distribute assignments soon after that, and all fic (and icons) will be due in by March 30th, midnight Eastern Time. The unveiling of all the glorious, crazy good stuff will take place on April 1st - April Fool's Day, if you must.

(As you can see, we like the idea of a non-conventional pairing ficathon that kicks off on Valentine's Day and pirouettes to a halt - *cough* what? - on April Fool's Day. It seems only appropriate.)

For questions or suggestions or anything at all, contact us at pulsefic@gmail.com, reply to this post, or hunt us down on Yahoo Messenger (where we go by sweetestdrain and moonwind_rising because we're extremely original, but don't like to confuse people). We want to hear from you!

moonwind_rising and sweetestdrain

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 11:03 pm
sweetestdrain: The Sign-Up Sheet

Sign-ups are open until February 25th! Reply to this post with your requests and such. All comments are screened, cause this is a secret ficathon, yo.

For those who would like to write or receive fic, you may want to check out the rules/guidelines.Collapse )

The rules and guidelines will be posted again after assignments are sent out, but this is just so you can have an idea of what will be expected from you if you sign up. None of it is that big of a deal, we're just covering all possible bases.

If you need an idea of pairings that you can choose, check out the list here. But really, anything but B/J and B/M goes.

And now...

Pulsefic Sign-Up Form
(Copy & paste into your reply - required minimums and maximums are to help us more easily assign requests. Fill out whichever sections are applicable to you. Please note that your additional notes will be respected and followed as much as possible, but may have to be tweaked in order to more easily fulfill assignments.)


Pairings I am willing to write: (please list more than three. if you say "any", please really, really mean it.)

Pairings I would like to receive: (please request three or less.)

Additional notes or requests for fic you would like to receive/write: (situations, plot details, rating, etc., or any pairings you just cannot stand.)


Icons I would like to make: (characters/pairings/scenes/etc. - list as many as possible to give us an idea.)

Icons I would like to receive: (characters/pairings/scenes/etc.)

Additional notes: (color, text, or if there's anything you really wouldn't like to make or receive.)


Vids I would like to make featuring unconventional, rare or non-canon pairings: (email us about this instead, if you like.)

Email Address:
(so we can reach you with your assignment and any other info.)

EDITED TO ADD: (optional)

Type of graphic I'd be willing to do: (wallpaper, manip, collage, friends-only banner, etc.)

Graphics I would like to make: (characters/pairings/scenes/etc. - list as many as possible to give us an idea.)

Graphics I would like to receive: (characters/pairings/scenes/etc.)

Additional notes: (color, text, or if there's anything you really wouldn't like to make or receive.)

That's all! Please sign up if you can. The more people that participate, the more brilliant the ficathon will be.

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 11:00 pm
sweetestdrain: Suggested Pairings List

Sorted by character (meaning there will be overlaps between categories) for easy access, just like Brian's jeans :D. No, that does work as a analogy, really - just look at it sideways and squint.

Warning: Some of these pairings will hurt your eyes. Most of those are in the Miscellaneous section, but others are scattered about everywhere like innocent land mines. :>

(Also: before you knee-jerk away from some of these pairings - take a moment to consider all the crazy, amazing things you could do with those characters in a fic.)

BenCollapse )

BrianCollapse )

EmmettCollapse )

JustinCollapse )

LindsayCollapse )

MelanieCollapse )

MichaelCollapse )

TedCollapse )

Vic-DebbieCollapse )

MiscellaneousCollapse )

If you think of a pairing that could be added to this list - and hopefully inspire some people - please let us know!

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