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Thu, Mar. 17th, 2005, 02:20 am
moonwind_rising: Spoiler Status?

*sets off fireworks to get your attention*

If you're taking part in cue_the_pulse in any way at all, this affects you - yes, beta-readers included.

As you can tell from the subject line, this is about spoilers. Specifically, about including spoilers in whatever fics/vids/icons/such you're creating for the ficathon.

Everybody has a different stance on spoilers, yes? That's pretty much fandom *canon*. So with this in mind, it would really be best if everybody avoids inserting spoilers into whatever they're doing for the ficathon. That way, everybody can read/look at every single submission without worrying about whether they're going to inadvertently be spoiled.

However, we get that some people may have had brilliant ideas for things involving spoilers, or have already started on their assignments and incorporated spoilers into them. If you've done this, it's fine - as long as your recipient reads spoilers too.

Because of this, we would really appreciate it if everybody comments to this post giving us their basic spoiler status. For example - "Completely spoiler-free", or "Spoiled for up to episode 510", something like that. (If you're a beta, remind us of this in your comment to minimise the risk of any potential confusion.) This way, we can make sure that everybody is happy with what they're getting, giving and beta-ing.

If you're doing something which includes spoilers, please, please check the comments of this post to make sure your recipient is okay with that.

If anybody wants any clarification on this (or anything else), feel free to email us - pulsefic@gmail.com :D.

Thank you!

- sweetestdrain and moonwind_rising

*hopes Internet connection will let me actually post this*

ETA: Any submissions containing spoilers will be clearly marked, so there won't be any danger of anybody being accidentally spoiled through cue_the_pulse.

Wed, Mar. 16th, 2005 01:07 pm (UTC)

Spoiled rotten to the bone. lol I'm cool with it.