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Tue, Apr. 5th, 2005, 08:05 pm
sweetestdrain: Authors and creators revealed!

Heya! We postponed this for a little bit so people would have more time to guess, but it is now the time to reveal all. We'll have a couple straggler fics and things coming in later, but the majority of the ficathon is DONE. Done, done, done. All authors/creators are now free to post their things in their own LJs if they want, and reply to the lovely comments and guesses left in pulsefic.

Recipient / Received / From

_mixed_media_ - fic - Everything Is As [Brian/Emmett] - from beatperfume
andtheafterglow - fic - anachronism [Cody/Justin] - from passionflows
brittcakes - graphics [Ben/Brian] - from paddies
burnitbackwards - fic - Today I Woke Up Uncertain [Justin/Cody] - from zeldachilds
carr0ts1979 - graphics - [Brian(/sexiness)] - from galeena
dawnydiesel - graphics [Ben/Michael, Drew/Emmett] - from stellarlee
dtkokoro - vid - Watching You [Justin/Ted] - from dangerlily
edenmalfoy - fic - Periphery [Daphne/Justin] - from redbrickrose
eleveninches - graphics [Brian/Emmett, Ted/fic!wife] - from quinn222
galeena - fic - No Where to Go [Brian & Debbie] - from edenmalfoy
hopper_ho - fic - Fluke? [Hunter/Daphne] - from dtkokoro
jasperq - fic - New Beginnings [Justin/Emmett] - from kishijoten
kishijoten - fic - Pretend [Michael/Justin] - from hopper_ho
kyleschick - placeholder - icon [Justin/Michael] - (see this post) - placeholder volunteer pumpu
lardencelover - fic - My place (lines that I couldn’t change) [Brian/Justin/Michael] - from spaggel
luciblue - fic - After All [Brian/Lindsay] - from andtheafterglow
luckycharm_13 - fic - Like Incest [Michael/Justin] - from soundczech
mcfeste - fic - Mr. Right [Emmett/George] - from nightsister
mi_nion - fic - Rebound [Brian/Emmett] - from vedaprophet
mojokid - fic - The Book of Right-On [Brian/Vance] - from sweetestdrain
nightsister - fic - Shiver [Ben/Michael] - from lardencelover
ou_topos - fic - I Need a Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy [Ted/Emmett] - from eleveninches
paddies - fic - The New Black [Brian/Jennifer (friendship)] - from mojokid
beatperfume - fic - Tick (Part 1 of 3) [Brian/Withheld] - from mcfeste
paraka - placeholder (shared): fic + manip - Express Ticket [Brian/Vic, Michael/Justin] (see this post) - placeholder volunteers sweetestdrain (graphic) and moonwind_rising (fic)
passionflows - placeholder - icons [Brian/Lindsay] - (see this post) - placeholder volunteer pumpu
pluvial_poetry - fic - Learned [Brian/Ted] - from rivulet027
quinn222 - fic - When in Rio [Brian/Emmett/Justin] - from twistinside82
redbrickrose - fic - The Things We Do For Revenge [Stockwell/Vance] - from skittles
rivulet027 - fic - Lessons in Life [Hunter/Jason Kemp] - from pluvial_poetry
for seedyapartment - fic - Segue [Brian/Ethan] - from tick_tick
sogay - placeholder (shared): fic + manip - Express Ticket [Brian/Vic, Michael/Justin] (see this post) - from placeholder volunteers sweetestdrain (graphic) and moonwind_rising (fic)
soundczech - fic - immortality blueprint [Brian/Cody] - from burnitbackwards
spaggel - graphics [Molly/Gus] - from sogay
stellarlee - graphics [Michael/Justin, Emmett/Justin, Brian/Ted] - from kyleschick
skittles - fic - I Wish I Was Your Lover [Brian/Ben] - from brittcakes
sweetestdrain - vid - Add It Up [Hunter(/others)] - from carr0ts1979
dangerlily - graphics [Michael/Justin, Justin/Hobbs, Ted/Blake] - from luckycharm_13
tick_tick - fic - Gone [Justin/Emmett] - from triciaqaf
triciaqaf - fic - The Fabulous Life of Justin Taylor [Brian/Connor James] - from citizenjess
twistinside82 - graphics [Ben/Michael] - from dawnydiesel
vedaprophet - fic - Picking Up The Pieces [Brian/Melanie] - from luciblue
zeldachilds - fic - Jim Stockwell is not a Fudgepacker [Justin/Stockwell] - from ou_topos
citizenjess - fic - Discovery [Ben/Justin] - from jasperq

Bonus: graphics [Michael/Ted, Michael/Justin, Michael/Emmett, Michael/Gus] - from _mixed_media_

Also, just for the hell of it - If you want, you are very much encouraged to post reactions to the reveal. :D It can run the gamut from "OMG I KNEW IT WAS (YOU) ALL ALONG" to "(You)?!? Seriously? I never suspected (you) of writing such explicitly kinky sex!" Et cetera. ;))

Thanks again for participating, everyone. It's been amazing! Seriously, really fab. Oh my god, we may need consoling now.

- sweetestdrain and moonwind_rising

P.S. If somehow we screwed up on any of this, you know the drill!

Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005 04:59 am (UTC)

do you guys mind if we copy this list straight over to in_babylon? For a special Cue the pulse issue?

Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005 01:08 pm (UTC)

Sure, go ahead!

Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005 07:33 pm (UTC)

A big whopping thank you to all who wrote and vidded and iconed. It gave many hours of pleasure! (And I did manage to OMG actually guess a few!)
(Deleted comment)